Machinery Industry
The rubber products is widely used in electronics toys,mediacl equipments,stationery and other industries,we can satisfy different requirements.
 Automotive Industry
The main products for automotive industry are rubber dust cover and bellows, shock absorbers, automotive rubber seals, rubber bushings and suspension support units
 Building Industry
Rubber products is applying more and more in the field of building industry,they usually be used as rubber watertight strip,rubber sealing strip,rubber mat,rubber isolation mounting.
Rubber seals, gaskets,pad feet,silicone pad,silicone tools,bumpers,bellows etc are widely applied for home appliances,electrical machines , kitchen utensils and other daily necessities
The characteristic and application of rubber shock absorber
Rubber shock absorber is an important kind of damping element, has been widely used in various fields ,such as machinery, automobile, locomotive, watercraft, aircraft and other aircraft. We can say that those where need to use the damping and isolation ar
Sealing Strip For Automobile
The main function of sealing strip for automobile The main function of sealing strip for automobile are Waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, sound insulation and sealing. With the development of science and technology and people's awareness of environ
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